Many Items to choose from. Better yet I can custom make just for you!

I love to play pool.  I liked the feel of a glove instead of chalk, but didn’t like the basic colors most places have to choose from.  So, I found some fun colors on quality fabrics, and created “The Glove Lady “. I make Billiard Gloves to help your cue slide smoothly and accurately over your bridge hand. There is less friction between the pool cue and a billiard glove than there would be without a glove. Reducing the friction will make your stroke more consistent and accurate. My sizes range from extra small to triple extra large, custom length and width and custom color combinations.

My website is now live, but still growing.  If you need a custom size, or to add some bling, please add a comment to your order and I will contact  you directly until the options are complete on my site.

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Amazing Products: You can also have them customized!

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The Glove Lady News!

I will be updating everyone with news on billiard events you can find me at. I will also be posting NEW items and EXCITING news.

Online store!

The Glove Lady online store is now open. You can look around, build your glove the way you like it or buy a talc bag. There be more items and options to come. Thank [...]

November 23rd, 2015|New Items, news|0 Comments

APA Nationals

Hello everyone!  Are we excited about Nationals? I  am. And I have my own booth this year! I will be there from beginning to end  - August 13th through the 22nd. Come on by [...]

August 13th, 2015|news|0 Comments


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